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Company Profile

Minicut International Inc. is a Canadian company, specializing in the manufacture of high-performance cutting tools for the aerospace, defense, automotive and metalworking industries. For 50 years, Minicut’s reputation for engineering innovative and performance-driven cutting tools has been unsurpassed, making it a leading manufacturer in cutting tool technology. Minicut has an experienced team of dedicated engineers, technicians and toolmakers and operates the latest state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing systems.

Much of the success obtained by Minicut in this highly technological and competitive field of activity is its constant commitment to research in manufacturing and product technology, resulting in the development of innovative high performance products such as the Minicut Wave end mill and the Megamill™ indexable carbide milling cutters.


Minicut is proud to serve some of the most prominent aerospace contractors in the industry such as Boeing, Triumph Group, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Bombardier Aerospace, General Electric, Alenia Aerospace, Hindustan Aerospace (India), VSMPO (Russia) and several other Tier One and Tier Two aerospace sub contractors.

Minicut is strongly committed to research and development, and is recognized within the industry for its signature and high performance products which are specifically designed and developed to machine aluminum, titanium, inconel and other exotic materials.

Minicut also produces an extensive range of standard HSS, Cobalt and solid carbide end mills which are off-the-shelf items and also offers engineering solutions for special cutting tools which are custom-made to meet customer specifications.